Let our team help you in making the most out of social media for the benefit of your business.

social iconsWe’ve all heard it before – “Social Media is great because it’s free”. But how “free” is social media after you factor in the time and resources you must put in to be successful?

The time you spend on social media can add up quickly. Actions after actions are performed:

  • Scouring the web to creating the perfect content for audience engagement
  • Scheduling upcoming posts
  • Managing questions or comments left by users
  • Analyzing the effectiveness of these efforts

Do you want to see good results from our efforts in social media marketing but have no time to manage them all? MOTCOU can help through our consulting service below.

CONSULTING: Custom Online Evaluation – $149

A custom audit will be performed by our team in all your current social media accounts. The audit will enable us to gather information about your social media marketing efforts. Through such information, we will provide you with feedback and recommendations beneficial to take your social media marketing to the next level. With this report, your social media marketing can be done more efficiently and with maximized results.